Burdock Root

Burdock root is a traditional staple in herbal medicine, especially in Chinese practices. Known for its multiple health benefits, it has garnered attention for improving blood sugar, fighting infections, and acting as an antioxidant. Modern studies are now exploring its efficacy, making it a promising addition to both traditional and contemporary wellness routines.

60 Capsules


Contents: Approx. 160mg / 0.67ml of 100% Pure Dried, processed Burdock root which is equivalent to 650mg fresh fruiting root per capsule

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory properties, boosts immune system, antioxidant properties, natural pain reliever, improves brain function, lower risk of heart disease, may improve digestive health, may help prevent cancer, may help with depression, may help with weight loss, may help with skin health and may improve liver function

How To Use: Children older than 1 year of age 1-2 capsules a day; Adults 2-6 per day taken in the morning and afternoon

Product Quantity: 60 capsules, 650mg active ingredient per capsule

Ingredients: 100% Pure Dried, processed Burdock root.

Health Benefits of Burdock Root

Burdock root has been a part of traditional medicine, particularly traditional Chinese medicine, for centuries. Researchers are now beginning to design clinical studies to assess its benefits. Some potential health benefits of this plant include:

1. Improving Blood Sugar and Treating Diabetes

A 2014 study found that burdock root could prevent dangerously high blood glucose levels both in a petri dish and in live tissue samples. In a 2015 study of burdock root in mice, researchers found no benefits associated with raw burdock root. However, fermented burdock root significantly reduced blood sugar levels in mice.

2. Treating and Preventing Infections

For centuries, traditional healers have recommended the use of burdock root to fight the common cold, sore throats, and other ailments. Scientific research now provides some insight into how burdock may fight infections. Some studies have found that it has antibacterial qualities. It appears to be particularly useful for killing biofilms, which are large, sticky colonies of bacteria. The oral plaque that causes cavities is one example of a biofilm. Biofilms grow throughout the body.

3. ‘Purifying’ the Blood

Although there is little western scientific evidence to support the need for detox, it has long had a role in traditional Chinese medicine. Alternative health providers often talk about detoxifying the body or purifying the blood, and practitioners of traditional medicine say burdock may purify the blood.

4. Diuretic

Burdock root may also act as a diuretic. Diuretics help remove water from the body, offering relief for people retaining water.

5. Antioxidant

Antioxidants help fight the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals in the body that damage the body’s cells and may be responsible for a wide range of ailments, including cancer, aging, and inflammatory disorders. They tend to accumulate with age, so researchers are interested in how antioxidants might slow the process of aging. Several studies have found that burdock root acts as an antioxidant. A 2014 study of diabetes in mice suggests that because of its antioxidant properties, burdock may improve symptoms of diabetes. Earlier research, including a 1998 study, found that burdock root actively seeks out and destroys free radicals.

6. Reducing Inflammation

Free radical damage, autoimmune disorders, and other medical conditions can cause chronic inflammation. Inflammation is linked to many medical conditions, including osteoarthritis. It was found that burdock root significantly decreased measures of inflammation in people with knee osteoarthritis.

7. Treating or Preventing Cancer

Free radicals and inflammation are both linked to the development of cancer. This means that burdock’s role as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory might help to prevent cancer. Preliminary research also supports the notion that burdock can help slow the growth of cancer. A 2016 study found that burdock might slow the growth of breast cancer tumors.

8. Other Uses

Burdock root is a fiber-rich vegetable. People who need more fiber, including those with diabetes, may wish to include it in their diet rather than take it as a supplement. Using the root as a whole product might be safer than using supplements. Burdock root may also help with some skin conditions, such as acne and minor skin irritation. Apply a paste or tincture directly to the affected area.


This is a complementary medicine and has not been evaluated and verified by the South African Health Product Regulatory Authority for its quality, safety, or intended use. The use of this product must not substitute the obtaining of medical advice from a registered health professional for any health conditions you may have. Please obtain advice from your medical practitioner should you have any side effects.


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